NACD Fortune 500 Committee Chair Advisory Councils

NACD Fortune 500 Committee Chair Advisory Councils


These invitation-only councils bring together experienced committee chairs from Fortune 500 companies with key shareholder representatives, regulators, and other stakeholders to discuss ways to strengthen corporate governance in general - and the role of the committee in particular.

Delegates engage with key stakeholders on important issues, participate in personal networking, and share leading governance practices in an informal, roundtable format.


Meetings and teleconferences are conducted under a modified version of the Chatham House Rule to maintain an environment for candid dialogue. No outside media is present at advisory council meetings. All delegates participate on their own behalf.

There is no cost associated with council participation other than travel expenses.

Conversation is ongoing, punctuated by semi-annual meetings, typically from 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., in Washington, D.C. or New York City. Debrief conference calls for non-attending delegates follow each in-person meeting.

What Delegates Say

"These councils bring together directors with institutional investors and regulators in a way that fosters candid dialogue about the issues impacting my board. Directors need to stay current on the priorities of shareholders and policymakers. These meetings help me do that."

-Yvonne Curl, Compensation Committee Chair; Nationwide Insurance, HealthSouth

"The content and pacing kept everyone completely engaged throughout the day. The outside presenters were topical and most informative. The quality of the director participants was absolutely first rate. It is so much more productive to participate in a program with experienced directors."

-Roger Vincent, Audit Committee Chair, UGI Corp.

Lasting Influence

Summaries from council meetings are distributed to NACD's membership of more than 17,000 directors, as well as the institutional investor and regulator communities.

Council dialogue has informed NACD testimony to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Congress, and other regulatory and policymaking bodies.

Delegates help identify priorities for NACD research and education programs, and provide feedback on resources in development.

Delegates have served as faculty for NACD director education programs and expert panels and have provided input to NACD Blue Ribbon Commission reports.

Our Mission

NACD believes that the dialogue facilitated by the four advisory councils is vital to advancing the shared, overarching goal of all boards, investors, and regulators: a sustainable, profitable, and thriving corporate America.