<em>Board Oversight Responsibilities</em> <br />CEO Succession Planning and Talent Oversight

Board Oversight Responsibilities
CEO Succession Planning and Talent Oversight

One of the board’s key responsibilities is the decision to replace the CEO and select a new leader. This resource center provides guidance and tools for directors to best operate. For more information on compensating the CEO, see NACD’s Resource Center on The Compensation Committee.

Thought Leadership & Research

The board's role in a new CEO transition The board’s role in talent oversight Takeaways from roundtable discussions on talent oversight The compensation committee’s role in oversight of talent development The role of the executive chair Splitting or combining the CEO and chair Benchmarking data on CEO succession

Expert Commentary

How Baker Tilly chose its new CEO Strategies for a successful CEO transition Case studies for assessing “invisible” traits in CEO candidates Steps for creating an emergency CEO succession plan Planning for unexpected CEO succession Using data to select a new CEO Long-term incentives for retiring CEOs Overcoming talent development challenges Using compensation to attract and retain talent How the board can develop executive talent

Advisory Services

NACD's in-boardroom education programs help boards deliver value and expand their education NACD’s Ongoing Advisory Services allow clients to receive coaching from a sitting director and governance expert

Boardroom Tools & Templates

CEO annual evaluation form Sample CEO succession process Coca-Cola’s CEO succession disclosure (pp. 2–3) Ford’s news report on CEO leadership change Sample risk dashboard for talent oversight Sample talent matrix Sample readiness and succession charts Executive profile template American Express’ governance guidelines on management succession (p. 9) Alphabet’s 10-K risk factor disclosure on loss of key personnel (p. 15) SEC Staff Legal Bulletin on disclosure of CEO succession plan (section C) ISS’ proxy voting guidelines on CEO succession planning (p. 19) CII’s policy on CEO succession planning (section 2.8)

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