NACD Chapters

NACD Chapters

NACD Chapters

The NACD Chapter Network brings highly engaged directors together to forge meaningful, professional relationships, share first-hand insights, and learn from real-world experiences. Through events and hundreds of world-class programs, chapters help directors deepen their local networks and bring powerful governance ideas to life.


Chapters are the Community of NACD

While every chapter offers members unique experiences, we are driven by a common purpose: to become trusted catalysts of economic opportunity and positive change — in the businesses and communities we serve.


Dorlisa Flur

“Directors should get engaged because we are in a world that's changing. No longer can you rely on the knowledge from your past jobs or your past personal experiences to get you through as a successful director. By engaging with the chapters, what you get are both the knowledge and that opportunity to engage with your peer directors in what is for all of us on the job training or a real time apprenticeship.”

Dorlisa Flur, NACD.DC, President, NACD Carolinas Chapter
United States Cold Storage, Hibbett, Inc., Sally Beauty Holdings


Members unlock 400+ programs in more than 20 chapters across 35 locations, including:

  • Access to a growing community of over 23,000 members and forums for sharing experiential knowledge.
  • Small chapter events focused on emerging issues in intimate settings to encourage dialogue with your peers.
  • Large chapter panels featuring subject matter experts to inspire boardroom confidence and optimize performance.