Ongoing Advisory Services

Ongoing Advisory Services

Receive Ongoing Coaching and Mentorship

NACD works closely with a select group of clients on extended engagements for advisory and coaching support situations. Ongoing advisory services allow clients to continue to receive coaching and guidance from a sitting director and governance expert.


NACD's faculty comprises more than 40 sitting directors and subject-matter experts. Faculty members are matched to programs based on a number of factors, such as their boardroom experience, industry expertise, and the scope of the retainer as determined by the client. View a sampling of companies and organizations our faculty are currently serving, or have served in the past.


An ongoing advisory services project begins with a planning call between the NACD team and designated client representatives to set expectations and goals. This is an opportunity to review the short-and medium-term goals of the project, align on priorities, and determine the sequencing of next steps. The client can consult telephonically with the NACD faculty on board-governance matters as determined by the scope of the project for up to 15 hours a month. Supplementary services, such as in-person consultation, attendance at board meetings, governance reviews, etc., can be combined with the ongoing advisory services to further enhance the goals of the project.

Sample Retainer Projects