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Board Committee and Support Roles
The Compensation Committee

This resource center contains material to help compensation committee members operate most effectively in the face of sharper focus on their work. For materials related to director compensation, please see NACD’s Resource Center on the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Advisory Services

NACD's in-boardroom education programs help boards deliver value and expand their education NACD's Evaluation Services enable boards to assess their strengths and opportunities for development

Thought Leadership & Research

Benchmark director pay Compensation committee basics The board’s role in setting performance metrics Elements of executive pay and external disclosures Trends in pay-for-performance communication The role of nonfinancial metrics in pay plan design and payouts Setting performance goals and using nonfinancial metrics Benchmarking data on executive compensation components Compensation plan incentives and risk taking Using risk appetite to establish performance targets Understanding nonfinancial metrics

Expert Commentary

Global trends in executive compensation The tax reform’s potential impact on executive compensation Using metrics and goals to incent desired results New ideas to overcome pay challenges Why boards should be concerned about the shrinking tenure of long-term incentives Planning above and beyond pay ratio disclosure Pay for what performance? The role of compensation metrics in management rewards How to keep executive pay balanced and investors satisfied

Boardroom Tools & Templates

Sample compensation committee charters Sample compensation committee assessment questionnaire Sample compensation committee evaluation template Sample long-term-oriented performance metrics Dodd-Frank: SEC listing standards for compensation committees NYSE requirements for compensation committees: Section 303A.05 Nasdaq requirements for compensation committees: IM-5605-6

Videos and Webinars

The board’s role in culture: Rewards and recognition The board’s role in culture: Innovation The board’s role in culture: Self-governance The board’s role in culture: Corporate values On compensation committees Pay programs and culture Principles of compensation ESG and pay programs Effects of tax reform on compensation Say-on-pay Webinar: Current trends in director compensation Top 5 compensation questions boards should be asking Survey says: Incentives matter, but the devil is in the details Using the powerful influence of compensation in your leadership strategy Trends in communicating pay practices Compensation's role in a successful M&A Choosing the right performance metrics Aligning the right behavior-driving performance measures and compensation

Upcoming Events

Master Class Director Professionalism® Compensation Series Webinar (Aug. 9, 2018) NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit (Sep. 29–Oct. 2, 2018, in Washington, DC)