Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Assess Strengths and Opportunities for Development

NACD views board evaluations assessments as team-building exercises that help to equip individual directors and the board as a whole to become strategic assets for all stakeholders. Our team of sitting directors and subject-matter experts will partner with you to identify strengths, uncover risks, and discover opportunities through tailored board evaluations. NACD will collaborate with you to develop the evaluation questions based upon your unique circumstances and our decades of experience. Each evaluation is facilitated by a faculty member who understands the nuances of the boardroom and appreciates the sensitivity and confidentiality of the evaluation process.


NACD's faculty comprises more than 40 sitting directors and subject-matter experts. Faculty members are matched to programs based on a number of factors, such as their boardroom experience, industry expertise, and the evaluations that they will be facilitating for the client. View a sampling of companies and organizations our faculty are currently serving, or have served in the past.


An evaluation engagement begins with a planning call between the NACD team and designated client representatives to set expectations and a timeline for the program. We will work collaboratively with your representative to review and edit the evaluation survey(s), distribute the survey(s), conduct interviews with evaluation participants, and analyze results. Findings may also be delivered to the full board and further discussion of the results can be facilitated by NACD's faculty.


  • Full board evaluation
  • Management evaluation of the board
  • Committee evaluations
  • Individual director assessments
  • C-suite evaluations


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