NACD Peer Exchanges

NACD Peer Exchanges

Peer Exchange

NACD Peer Exchanges are designed to provide directors the unique opportunity to discuss board performance and leadership challenges with distinguished peers and subjet-matter experts. All NACD peer exchanges are complimentary forums. 

Upcoming Locations and Dates

Could Age Diversity Add Value to Your Board? It's time to take a closer look.

Directors interested in promoting age diversity in the boardroom are encouraged to join NACD for “Could Age Diversity Add Value to Your Board?” in Chicago, where we will shed more light on the current population of younger directors and examine whether it’s time to take a second look at age on your board.

The Power of Privacy: The Board's Role in Privacy Oversight

Boards hold a significant role in ensuring management takes a risk-based approach to protect, respond to and address a widening list of data privacy regulations and requirements. Join us in Philadelphia to discuss how a comprehensive data privacy program can assist the board in privacy oversight. 

Demand More—Cyber Risk Reporting in Dollars and Sense

Join NACD for a director roundtable event on November 13 in San Francisco. The discussion will focus on strategies and methods that will help you to quantify your organization’s cybersecurity risks and identify the questions you should ask of your management teams in order to better discuss these risks in business terms.

Leading Minds of Governance

NACD’s Leading Minds of Governance program in New York City will bring together distinguished directors and subject-matter experts to discuss governance trends, challenges, and best practices.