<em>Board Committee and Support Roles</em> <br />The Role of the General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

Board Committee and Support Roles
The Role of the General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

This resource center contains the guidance and tools that NACD’s general counsel when called upon to advise and support the board, providing an objective opinion about the company’s strategy. 

Thought Leadership & Research

Navigating the Relationship Between the Board and General Counsel Investor Perspectives: Critical Issues for Board Focus in 2018 Corporate Board Minutes: A Director’s Guide Delivering compliance and ethics oversight Director Essentials: Strengthening Risk Oversight Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook Onboarding Guide for New Directors Preparing for Proxy Season FAQ: Regulation Fair Disclosure FAQ: Director Independence in Family Business FAQ: Personal Email vs. Board Portals for Board Communications FAQ: Executive Sessions FAQ: Fiduciary Duties FAQ: What Boards Should Know About GDPR

Expert Commentary

The Evolving Role of the GC Leading Attorney Explains the Board’s Role in M&A Reviewing the Corporate Counsel's Playbook The Strategic-Asset General Counsel

Advisory Services

NACD's in-boardroom education programs help boards deliver value and expand their education

Boardroom Tools & Templates

Questions your board should ask management about cybersecurity A diversity discussion guide to prompt your board to evaluate its composition and diversity Master Calendar for Board and Committee Meetings Risk Reporting Recommendations and Examples

Videos and Webinars

Board Advice for 1st Time General Counsel The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Effective Board Evaluation The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: M&A The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Litigation Risk Management The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Shareholder Engagement Cyber-Risk Oversight: A Focus on ERM and C-Suite to Boardroom Collaboration

Upcoming Events

The Strategic-Asset General Counsel Webinar (Nov. 8, 2018) Director Professionalism® NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit (Sep. 29–Oct. 2, 2018, in Washington, DC)