NACD Directorship 2020®: Economic Disruption

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June 19, 2014

2-3 p.m. (ET)

We live in a crisis-prone global economy marked by the increasing connectedness of global markets, economies, and institutions, as well as various regional and national economies moving at different speeds. In one recent survey, 44 percent of global CEOs reported feeling confidence in economic conditions, up from 18 percent just one year ago. But nearly two-thirds express significant concerns about a potential slowdown in emerging markets, as well as the risks posed by fiscal debt and deficits. Join subject-matter experts for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities that shifting economic forces are posing for companies, and the implications for boards in providing effective oversight of their organizations' strategy and risk management activities


Speaker Spotlight

Robyn Bew (moderator) is director of research for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). She leads NACD’s advisory councils, which bring together committee chairs from the largest public U.S. corporations with regulators, investors, and other stakeholders to initiate corporate-led solutions to governance challenges. Before joining NACD, Bew was a principal at Tapestry Networks, where she ran several networks serving audit and compensation committee chairs of Fortune 500 companies, and was a leader of the firm’s work on bank governance, risk management, and board-shareholder engagement issues.

Jesse Green is currently a financial consultant to public and private companies. He also serves on the Board of Directors and Compensation Committee of Caterpillar, Inc. He serves Columbia University as Senior Fellow at the Richman Center, a joint venture of Columbia Law and Business Schools, where he produces the Public Lecture Series for the Center covering a broad range of topics from the U.S. economy to cyber risk. He is also Executive in Residence at Columbia Business School; and an instructor in Corporate Governance, Risk Management.He retired from IBM at year end 2010. His most recent position at IBM was Vice President Financial Management and Chief Financial Risk Officer, where he was responsible for the identification, assessment and monitoring of financial risk elements for the corporation, and led the corporation’s Financial Risk Management Board. In 2002 he returned to IBM as Vice President and Treasurer with responsibility for IBM’s balance sheet and capital structure, cash flow, currency risk management, retirement funds, real estate, investor relations and global tax operations. In 2007 he was named Vice President, Financial Management, continuing his existing responsibilities. In 2009 he assumed the Chief Financial Risk Officer position at IBM. Mr. Greene holds a JD and an MBA. He also holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Economic Club of New York.

Bart Oosterveld is a Managing Director and the head of Moody’s Sovereign Risk Group. In this capacity, he supervises Moody’s global team of sovereign risk analysts, helps maintain the quality of ratings, and assures analytical leadership. Prior to assuming this position, Bart served as Chief Credit Officer for the Global Public, Project and Infrastructure Finance franchise, responsible for ratings performance and consistency in the Sovereign, Sub-sovereign, U.S. Public Finance, and Infrastructure Finance areas. Bart is a member of Moody’s Credit Policy Committee and Macroeconomic Board, and serves as the management representative to the Moody’s Investors Service Board, a sub-committee of the corporation’s Board of Directors. He first joined Moody’s in 1997 and is the author or co-author of a large number of Moody’s special comments and rating methodologies. Bart holds degrees in Law and Spanish Literature, a Master of Public Administration, an M.A. in Economics, and he recently advanced to candidacy and is in the dissertation phase of his doctorate in Economics.


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