What Will the Future of Work Be Like for Workers (And the People Managing Them)?

Event Details

November 30, 2017

2-3 p.m. (ET)

“The future of work” is suddenly everywhere--but how can organizations prepare for a future with so many unknowns? We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation is changing the skills workers need, while demographic shifts promise a talent shortage, longer lifespans, and other significant changes that will affect the workplace.

At a time when business leaders are wrestling with unprecedented disruption, as well as political and societal upheaval, one of the most transformational shifts will be to the way we work. While there are huge organizational, talent, and HR challenges to overcome, the right strategies can set companies on the path for success.

During this webinar, hear perspectives from a panel of directors who will explore findings from PwC’s recent report, “Workforce of the future: The competing forces shaping 2030”, and provide insight into how work is changing, how people think the workplace will evolve, and how this will affect their employment prospects and future working lives.

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